M A R K  B O V E Y

Pages of the Skies 16 inkjet prints mounted on aluminium

This work will be on view in the Exhibition Anthem: 15 expressions of Canadian Identity, at the Canadian Language Museum in Toronto Canada in October 2021 and for PrTOtype(s) for the 2021 Krakow Biennial special Exhibition of Canadian Contemporary Printmaking. The exhibition is a collaboration between Elaine Gold and her team at CLM, Derek and the participating artists. (Participating artists include, Libby Hague, Yael Brotman, Sean Caulfied, Liz Ingram and Bernd Hildebrand, Tanya Harnett, Jewel Shaw, Davida Kidd, Walter Jule, Karen Dugas, Tracy Templeton, Joanne Lanneville, Alexandra Haeseker and Derek Beseant)

Artist Statement:

My work begins by searching for images and texts from the oceans of documents within and between cultures over the past 600+ years. The images are simultaneously technological time markers, material culture and records of humanities rich and complicated past. I search archives, antiquarian books stores, libraries, and more recently online to locate source materials. I use digital tools to reconstruct, combine and distort the fragments. They are often tied to our problematic colonial past, while also revealing the evolution of a shared fascination with natural, medical, or theoretical science. I then translocate the selected findings into new arrangements and reload them into a printing matrix (digital file, etching plate, or lithographic stone). Sometimes the play yields a form of alchemy or "mashup", either by chance or design. The reintroduction often activates new agency, and the images become part of a field of possibilities to be traversed by the viewer who brings their own unique perspective(s). The goal is to invite speculation, to problematize troubling histories and ultimately find a conversations within and between the formal aesthetic mix. The compression of the images into a printing matrix allows the broad range of subjects from the environment, to philosophy, politics and fundamental ethical questions to confront and to bind to each other.