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Homage to Almina
Homage to Almina
carborundum intaglio, waterless lithography, and ultra violet screen print

This work represented a shift in my thinking. It was inspired by a boat named after my great grandmother Almina (Pecor)Bovey. First of its kind on the St. Lawrence the Almina was a 22 seat tour boat that sank on its second voyage near the Canadian span of the 1000 islands bridge at IvyLea Ontario. The faulty engine caught fire and my great grandfather who built it, was badly burned. He survived and rebuilt the wooden boat over the years that followed.

When making this work, I imagined the planks of the boat being carried to deep to the bottom of the under water falls that can only be seen as whirlpools eddy's on the surface. I thought about the universe of moments that intermingle together over oceans. Work in this series, and in the Mindfield Suite that was produced simultaneously, has sustained my interest in the alchemical possibilities of printmaking ever since.