Mark Bovey

"My practice involves actively seeking resonant images in the ocean of printed documents shared between cultures over the past 600+ years. The image fragments are simultaneously technology, evidence of discovery and time markers. What I do is reinsert them back into a printing matrix (digital or analog). The reintroduction into a new relative context makes them new, part a field of possibilities for the viewer to traverse. I see these compositions as fields of visual anthropological inquiry where new themes or potential meanings can be found in a recombine.

The challenge is to invite speculation through formal or aesthetic play. I often weave personal fragments with universal referents often from readymade sources. I hope that the images together embody a complex array of possibilities where the viewer is enticed to locate meaning. In the new arrangements a representation of the complex nature of the contemporary condition is intended to be felt. Time is spanned, triangulated or collapsed, the images mingle.”

Conversation While Adrift, Between Rees, Hevelius and my Grandfather, 2017, dye sublimation print on polyester, stone lithography on 150, 200 year old engraved cyclopedia plates, fabric, digital projection and mirrors. This work was created for the group exhibition, InterWoven, at the KOBRO Gallery at the Lodz Academy of Art, Lodz Poland.